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What is necessary

I've read and re-read the entire British Government website a trillion times, this site explains the steps of the application process for a wife visa! I always end up rereading for whatever reason. Any slightest chance of doubt that may arise, I'll go there first try to find my answers. Sometimes I do not find the answers with the clarity to which I expected, but at least find a way .... It is worth to always check there!

So I decided one day read from start to finish this site, with all the lines, all the links, and included observations, and at the same time go by writing a list of everything I was reading and judged that it would be important for the application of this visa, so I could go checking the documents I have ever had and / or have been separated (because it is interesting to organize everything in a folder) right from the list, and also know what was still missing.

The list was a personal initiative even practicality, something that I believe can help me in this process, and that the risk of forgetting something important becomes much smaller when you have something more direct to check. In fact, "forget something" became my worst nightmare lately. My friends here already nicknamed me "Dory" (cause Finding Nemo character) as I am soooo forgetful sometimes and I have the same striking ability to forget things ...!

Anyway, I decided to post this list of all the more discriminating items, as well as those obvious than is necessary to prove through documents and examples of what can be used for this proof (which could increase with the ideas of you):

  • My husband and I must prove that:

  1. Me and my partner are 18 years (current and previous passports, birth certificate ...) 
  2. Our marriage is legal in my country and genuine and recognized in the UK (marriage certificate, evidence of correspondence between us that can be e-mail, records of Skype and/or phone, cards and exchanged letters, conversations in Facebook, MSN, iMessage and/or Whatsapp, certificate of no impediment to marry, the wedding ceremony photos, letter explaining the history of the relationship and the future plans) 
  3. We have met in person (photos of us together, with his and mine family and friends, previous trips to evidence held as bus tickets and plane reservations and payment costs the same) 
  4. We intend to continue living together after apply
  5. We have an adequate place to live in the UK (photos of rooms in the house, pictures of us in the house, water, gas and electricity bills.. property title or property lease) 
  6. We meet the financial requirement of £18,600 per year (bank statements for the last 6 months preceding the date application, pay slips for the last 6 months and a letter from the employer stating that you have an employment contract, all to prove that we will not need government help to sustain us there and if you have a graduation (higher education), you can also add diplomas and courses certificates to show that you have qualifications to get a job there and that marriage is not a means of social mobility, ie one more proof that the marriage is genuine) 
  7. Prove that any previous relationships (of me and my partner) had are permanently broken down (certificate of no impediment to marriage)
  • Your partner or family member should:
  1. Being a citizen of Great Britiian 
  2. Be established in the UK 
  3. Complete the sponsorship form in the UK Government website
  • I must:
  1. Having a good knowledge of English (certificate level A1 in the life skills IELTS test - speaking and listening) 
  2. Display the current passport with a blank page for the visa stamp (and previous passports if you have) 
  3. Provide two passport-sized colour photographs (3,5 x 4 5mm)
Important notes:
- All original documents and not copies
- Documents in Portuguese should be notorised translated
- There are people that leads to a certificate of negative criminal record.. not even know if I'll include it in my process, I do not see them asking for anything like this in the Government website ...
- Brazilians do not need the exam for tuberculosis

After having completed all these prerequisites, we must:
 - Apply online for the visa  (family of a settled person visa to join partner/family for a long stay - living permanently in the UK)
- Schedule the date to go to the Application Service Center for Visa (São Paulo, Brasilia or Rio de Janeiro) to have the fingerprints collected and deliver the photos. Take also the passport, the role of scheduling, some other identification document and the request for the visa as well as all other documents listed above.

Just reading it already gets us tired, right? But it's not impossible! I can't wait for us finish this whole journey... :)

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