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Documents checklist for Visa Application

After much searching, asking questions and receiving help (thank you girls Married with British guys!) I could make a list of documents required for the visa interview.
People, not all documents are required as not all can be removed from the list, so it is always best to consult the official website and confirm if there are any questions I can't help you with here, okay?
Moreover, it's better to include more than might be required than miss something important, and still ensure your visa!!!

Important Note: All documents must be originals, not copies or printed ones ok? But it is ALSO important to include a copy of the original that you'll need back, because they don't return originals if copy is not given.

I - Sponsor Information (my husband)
1.1 General Documents according to the Sponsorship form and Appendix 2 (financial form)
1.2 Simple copy of passport (bio-data pages)
1.3 National Insurance number (the same as Brazilian CPF)
1.4 Registered on electoral roll (to confirm where he lives and that he is firmly established - settled - as British citizen)
1.5 Mobile phone account (to verify your address, like described in the explanation of 1.4)
1.6 Personal statement letter - essentially introduzing himself as a British citizen and my husband, summarizing our relationship (where, when and how we met), confirming our plans to live together after marriage and building a family and also confirming that he is financially responsible for me in England and confirming the information presented in Appendix 2 form about his work and wage and saying that he meets all the financial requirements, moreover, he says that he wants me to join him in England and saying that he is at their disposal if they have any doubt.

II- Financial

Important Note: All the following documents require proof for the last 6 months, I stress that the last proven month can not exceed 28 days from the date of the visa application.
Note: All bank documents must be signed and stamped by the bank manager.

2.1 Last 6 months bank statements (or bank books) of the sponsor - proving that his salary was deposited into this account - this part isn't written in official website, but I think it's important doesn't show a bank account with a negative balance (in maximun a zero balance is acceptable I guess lol) 
2.2 Payslips of the sponsor for the last 6 months - can not be printed from internet, but if this is the only way to obtain this document as original, must be signed and stamped by head of the company.
2.3 Bank reference letter (or balance certificate) - evidence my husband is a customer/client (and for how long), saying the account number and the balance of it

2.4 Payment schedule - A company paper showing when payments of wage will be made in the next few months (if any)
2.5 P60 tax and National Insurance doc (for employed) or Income tax returns (for self-employed) - recent document from the Government tax office confirming your income and the amount of tax that you have paid.

III - Current Employment (sponsor)
3.1 Original employment contract (evidence of sponsor's employment) - If there's more than one (in case of the contract job keep being renewed as temporary), than it's better you give them all of the contracts that were signed in this company until present day.

3.2 Confirmation of the end of probationary period
3.3 Pension plan (if any)
3.4 Letter from the head of company - in a company letterhead paper, confirming the employment of the sponsor and stating how long he has worked in the company, position and salary also confirmed.

IV - Accommodation
4.1 Certified copy of deeds of sponsor's house - Property Deed (property title) or property lease (if it's the case) - to prove that it is an adequate place to live (and It is not a place for immigrants to live for example! hehehe)  

4.2 Property inspection report: Description of the property for a property inspection document - for the same reason described above in 4.2 (this is required if you're sharing the house with someone else that is not just your husband/wife, if you're going to live in a place just you and him, a letter of you just describing it is ok, and it's not necessary to give them this document if the description is already in the property deed)
P.S: The inspection can't be realised in more than 3months of the date of the application for the VISA.
4.3 Photos of each room in the house
4.4 Bills from utility companies (Water bills, electricity, gas and telephone - at least three different types of utility bills)
4.5 Invitation supporting letter of the house owners (if you're going to share the place with anyone else other than your spouse) - saying they know your plans to live there until you get your own house, which has enough space for you (us, in this case) to live, accommodation details, and they agree and authorize the plan and confirming that we are welcome/able to stay.
4.6 Local authority letter (council tax) and council tax bill/statements

V - Relationship and marriage
5.1 Marriage Certificate - certified translation
5.2 Wedding Photos
5.3 Other photos of us together, with friends and families and places we were together - I think I'll have around 150 photos - write in each picture the name of each person who is in the photo, where was it, when and, if it's the case, the name of the event - everything in English
5.4 E-mails' history exchanged by us throughout the period of the relationship
5.5 Screenshots and historical conversations on Skype, Whatsapp, SMS, iMessage and posts made on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also include here the comments of relatives and friends in these photos and posts as well as posts made by friends and relatives you were tagged in too.
5.6 Boarding passes and tickets when we went to see each other
5.7 Booking and payments of the hotels when we were together
5.8 Exchanged cards and letters
5.9 Letters from family and friends recognizing that our relationship and marriage is genuine, and always has been genuine, how they knew us, what they think of our relationship and if they support it.

VI - Information of the applicant
6.1 Visa Application Form VAF 4A - Appendix 2 (financial form) - don't forget to write with pen in the first page the number of the NHS payment that you do in the moment you create a login on visa application's website
6.2 Current and previous passport and
Another document with picture (in addition to the passport)
6.3 Graduation certificate - certified translation
6.4 English language skills Proof (in my case, the test certificate IELTS Life Skills A1)
6.5 Two photos 3,5x4,5 (passport size according to the criteria they ask)
6.6 My personal statement in English - more emotional, about wanting to be with him, etc
6.7 Negative certificate of criminal records (If applicable) - certified translation
6.8 Confirmation of the interview scheduled (visa application appointment)
- they send by e-mail after the online application
6.9 Visa application confirmation (they send by e-mail after the online application) and visa application payment

People, that is. I tried to be as clear and detailed as possible in this post. Exemplifying and explaining with as much detail about each item. I hope it all works out!

It hasn't been easy to raise the money, I confess. Especially now that there was an increase (from 956 pounds to 1195 plus health insurance NHS 600 pounds)

Still, I can't wait to have this British Consulate VISA pasted on my passport. Can't wait to see the start date and its expiration. After all, I still feel confident.

If you have any more ideas or have sent any other document that you consider as important and which is not listed here, you can comment below, all help is welcome! And if there's any doubt, you can always ask me and I will try to help, kisses!

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  1. I was reading your post and then I realized how the process is similar to the American Visa...perhaps it`s some sort of common sense. Good luck with that!

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