terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2016

Update - 2 months away

Hey up!!

I`m back!!

In the video below, I`m telling you (in Portuguese) what happened during this period away of the blog. Why I took so long to write again here and what I`m doing from now...

I was writing here in Portuguese and in English the same post and it was taking so much time from me. I didn't have enough time anymore for both languages writing cause I was solving things in my life, so I decided to write here only in English from now and record these videos (talking about the same subject and saying the same things) on YouTube in Portuguese, it makes everything easier.

So, what happened during these 2 months away Luciana? Me and my husband decided that we should be together even before I get my spouse Visa, we were missing each other that much and our stress cause the visa documents and living far apart was making everything harder for us as well. So that's it! I came to England 2 months ago, I'm here with him passing these months until we can go together to Brazil to apply for my visa (remembering that Brazilians are allowed to stay in this country for 6 months with tourist visa).

Our life as couple is being so much better now that we are together, we are doing very well and we are very happy with our decision and still helping each other to sort out everything that is necessary for the visa application.

Hope you enjoy the changes and keep following the Journey of a Brazilian-English Couple blog and YouTube channel.

See ya soon x
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