English version

Hey up everybody!
Are you ok? Hope so!

I'm trying to write all the posts in this blog in two different translations: Portuguese and English
That way all of my friends (and people around the world) can get the information that I'm trying to give to you... 

When I began writing this blog I thought about to make a different blog for the English posts, but then I realised that it would be extra hard to manage and just decided to write everything here in two versions.

Maybe you'll find some Grammatical errors here (as I'm an eternal language learning and English is not my native language), so I apologise in advance and say that I would be glad if you comment about the mistake, that way I can correct what's wrong and also learn for the future =)

Well, I hope you enjoy the reading!

T'ra! See ya soon!

Luciana Saunders Hutchings

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